And it begins…

Today is Tuesday, 28th November 2017. I’m at work and should be working… but my thoughts are caught up in the events of next year. 2018. A year that I will be saying good bye to predictability and comforts. To friends, family and my pets. To a home that has been my nest and sanctity for almost seven years. To my Rostrum public speaking group Southern Star Speaking Club #63. To my radio show ‘Turn it up to 11’ on the Albany Community Radio (Tuesday nights from 6pm – 8pm). To things I know and places I’ve been.

Because life is an adventure and staying stale, staying stagnant, staying put because it’s easier was never in my ‘pre-birth plan’ if you believe we have one. Maybe God’s will for me is to seek out knowledge? My reincarnation requirements may require ongoing learning and providing care to others? Or perhaps if I was Hare Krishna – to seek joy and bliss… the latter sounds pretty good to me!

2018 starts on the 1st January 2018, obviously. MY 2018 starts on the 1st January 2018, my first day on the Medical ward of the local hospital fulfilling a requirement of the Registered Nursing degree I’m finalising. Four weeks on the Medical ward then February off.

March – April 2018 will be in the Northern Territory doing the last 8 weeks of practical placement so I can graduate. Remote area nursing and the Royal Flying Doctors. An adventure alright and an experience of a lifetime. I’m nervous, of course. I’m excited, apprehensive and enthusiastic. The unknown is approaching.

Until then, I’ll keep this blog updated with what’s going on in my life until the real adventures start. Stay tuned!

~ Rachel


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